Bill’s Accomplishments as a Current Trustee

  • I have served as the President or Vice President of the Board numerous times over the past 15 ½ years. I have served as the Chairperson of the Peralta Community College District Retirement Board for the past ten years. 

  • I am the alternate Co-Chair on the Executive Committee of the Veteran’s Caucus for the State of California Community Colleges. I testified before the U.S. House Committee on Veteran Affairs relative to programs that we offer for our youngest generation of veterans.

  • I represent The Peralta Colleges on a Standing Committee of the Alameda Unified School District to assess needs and opportunities between our two institutions. I recently served on a five-month task force to assess the pros and cons of merging the two large high schools in Alameda.

  • I spend a week in February of each year with the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) in Washington D.C. to participate in the Federal Budget process.  I always attend a six to seven-hour workshop that focuses on Advocacy of Community Colleges and addresses the mood and tenor of the Congress and various Federal Agencies. We spend three days visiting various elected officials and Governmental Agencies to advocate for our needs and interests.

  • I annually attend a multi-day leadership conference sponsored by the Association of Community College Trustees in various parts of the country. I annually attend three multi-day conferences sponsored by the Community College League of California (CCLC) to participate in workshops that address and debate education issues that are prevalent in our state.

There are obviously a number of ways that we can measure how we are positively impacting upon our surrounding society and especially the young adults. 

I believe that my broad-based and diversified background puts me in a position to articulate the benefits, strengths, and needs of our institution to multiple sectors of our society.

Background is important for the role of advocating for the Peralta Community Colleges

I have extensive background in leadership and management roles in both the private and public sector and the local, regional, national and international areas.  ​Married to a professional educator for many years and four of my five children started their post-secondary education at Community Colleges, I am a very strong advocate of Community Colleges and their inherent mission of providing high quality post-secondary education to a broad and diversified spectrum of our communities.



  • MBA, Harvard University; BS (Business), University of Colorado

  • Captain, Supply Corps, U.S. Navy (Retired).

  • Served as a directly elected Mayor of the City of Alameda.

  • Multi-year President of the Alameda County Conference of Mayors.

  • Represented the U.S. at an International Conference of Mayors and was a featured speaker on Municipal Finance.

  • Elected to represent the Cities of Alameda County, for a number of years, as a Commissioner on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

  • Served as the President of the Alameda County Transportation Commission for a number of years.

  • Was a featured speaker on Strategic Planning in the Governmental sector at the U. S. Congress of Cities convention in Atlanta Georgia.

  • President for the past twenty-five years of Bay View Harbor Homeowner Association.

  • Past President of the Community of Harbor Bay Isle.

  • Continue to serve as the Chair of the Robert E. Lippert Foundation, an organization that annually awards ten very significant college scholarships to local high school seniors. 

  • Continue to work for the Director of the Board of Admissions of Harvard College in the role of interviewing applicants on an annual basis.

  • Continue to serve on the Finance Committee of a U.S. Navy Foundation that provides College Scholarships to Navy families in need.

  • Continue to serve on the Alameda Hospital Foundation Board

  • Member of the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club.

  • Former director of the Alameda Boy’s and Girl’s Club

  • Represent The Peralta Colleges on a Standing Committee of the Alameda Unified School District to assess needs and opportunities between our two institutions. I recently served on a five-month task force to assess the pros and cons of merging the two large high schools in Alameda.

Blue Stairway

"Our society and associated economy has become extremely complex and it is difficult for people to financially prevail without some form of post-secondary education.  I am one of those that believe that this COVID-19 virus pandemic is going to make it worse whereby employers are going to focus more upon technology versus people to accomplish missions.

I have been advised by senior officials at UC Berkeley that eight out of ten of our students who transfer in are better prepared than the students who took their lower division courses at a UC Campus.  A senior executive at the UC system corroborated that evaluation.

Coming out of high schools, approximately 6% of the applicants to UC Berkeley are admitted.  The last time I checked, over 60% of the applicants by students who graduate from the College of Alameda are admitted!!

Student debt is a horrible epidemic in this county and getting worse by the year.  The current pandemic is severely aggravating that problem.  We can basically cut the cost in half for those that pursue a bachelor’s degree.

In addition, our Career Technical Education programs are awesome.  Our Auto-Tech program at COA is widely respected throughout the Bay Area and our graduates do extremely well.  Our Dental program at COA is highly regarded and our graduates move into well-paying jobs. The nursing program at Merritt and the culinary arts program at Laney are tremendous.  I believe that there are very few young adults anymore, where it is accurate to say that college is not for them."



– Bill Withrow, Trustee Candidate


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